The GI Joe Family Connection

My son has been clamoring me to let him have this GI Joe toy that I had been saving for him to age a bit before letting him play with .



It’s the G.I. Joe PIT Mobile Headquarters.





We had purchased this GI Joe toy a while back at WalMart, on clearance. He was just around 1 year old at the time, but since it was at such a huge discount, we decided to get it for him and when he aged some he could play with it.



 ( Isn’t that a steal? )


Well, the time has come.





While I’m unpacking it and putting all together, trying to get it done as fast as possible, since I was working and he was home sick from preschool. I became a bit like a kid again. That excitement I use to have as a kid opening up a new toy, rushed back into me.  GI Joe toys were always, by far my favorite toys of them all.


My brother was the first to introduce me to GI Joes, when he started collecting them back in the day.




I remember when he had saved up enough money from collecting cans and bottles, that he was pestering our mom to take him to Toys R Us to get this GI Joe toy. Since I was around 4 years old at the time, I didn’t really know what they were yet, but I knew that a trip to Toys R Us was fun, so I was all in.

…So, after a while of us tag teaming her for a ride, she finally took us.



( Remember how cool the old Toys R Us stores use to look? )


When I saw what he was buying, I understood why he was so excited.



It was the GI Joe Headquarters, and this thing was “Bad Ass”. It had a jail, computer desk, garage to repair vehicles. I was immediately hooked. Soon enough, after a birthday and Christmas or two we both had our own collections.



( This was my favorite Joe )


We also watched the cartoon religiously.





I haven’t seen my brother in years, but I talk to him every now then. And no matter what the conversation may entail, it somehow always steers towards them good old GI Joe toys.



( That’s me in the fake leather pants. Hey, what do you want from me? My mom use to buy my clothes, and Menudo was in. )


…After about 45 minutes or so, we get it assembled.




He talks me into giving him a couple of GI Joe I have on my desk.




 That’s right I have a toys on my desks.



( Old habits die hard. )



This is my Moby Dick. I promise one day I will get you.




But not to extract revenge or anything, just to maybe play with a little.


Ummm, I think I’m going to need a bigger desk.


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