My wife has been trying to get me to start a blog for a couple of years now, so I finally decided to give it a go. I started Papa Hype to help me bring some of the ideas in my head to fruition.  As well as bring together some of my childhood experiences, with those of my kids. And hopefully make someone smile along the way.


I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.


( That’s me in the middle. My daughter wanted to know why I was wearing skirt.I told her that’s not a skirt, that just the way shorts were configured back then)


My parents came over from Puerto Rico during the 50’s and 60’s Gran Migracion (Great Migration).



I am a 1st generation Nuyorican, which means someone from Puerto Rican descent who was either born or raised in New York City.


( This is El Barrio, in Spanish Harlem )


( Here are my parents and siblings, before I came about. Don’t they look super excited? )



I currently live in South Florida along with my wife, and two kids, Xander who is 4 going on 5, and Shea who is 6 going on 18, at least she thinks so. I left my day job over a year ago to be a stay at home dad and work on becoming a graphic designer. The graphic design has come along some, but I have a ton more I want to learn, and am constantly seeking out time to practice.


( This is my site, check it out sometime )


Thanks for stopping by and reading my mandatory “About” page.

– Eddie