Phil Jackson comes home to the NY Knicks

Hail to the Chief of the NY Knicks…





Big Chief Triangle is how Phil Jackson was dubbed by Jeff Van Gundy, then of the NY Knicks, years ago.

He named him so because of his relentless use of the Triangle Offense, that led him to so many championships.

Phil of course shot back and renamed Van Gundy, Van Gumby.




Ahhh, those were the good old days. When the NY Knicks and Chicago Bulls played each other in some very contentious and heated games back in the 90’s. Oh, how I use to loathe the Bulls back then, and their laid back, always stayed cool, “Zen Master” coach, Phil Jackson. The Knicks couldn’t quite ever get over on them.


Of course having His Airness, Michael Jordan helped him immensely in winning all those games and championships.





And after that run with the Bulls, which included six championships, he started a whole new run with Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. Where he went on to win five more championships. And me being the diehard NY Knicks fan that I am, I had to keep hatin’ on him.





Well finally the tables have turned. It’s been about a month now that my beloved Knicks hired ol’ Big Chief Triangle to run the team. Back where it all started out for him in the 60’s as a player. Where he won two championships playing on those great NY Knicks teams of the early 70’s. I mean how many people can say that they’ve “won two championships with the Knicks”! Plus, the record eleven championships he’s won as a coach, make it a total of thirteen titles in the NBA. More than any person in professional sports.




I don’t know what the future holds for the NY Knicks, but I do know that with the great Phil Jackson on board, it’s sure does look bright. That’s right, I said “great”, I not hatin’ on him any longer.


We’ve had some other worthy enemies since Phil.




But none ever provided quite the heartbreak that Big Chief Triangle did.

Thank God… he is finally on our side.


All hail… Big Chief Triangle

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