My Fathers Day Gifts From The Wifey

Fathers Day was a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to write a post on all the ‘phat’ swag my wife had gotten me for my special day.


The gifts started coming early, around late May.

First up was a box full of  liquor.


[ Talk about a ‘phat’ gift !  A Box Full Of Friggin’ Liquor…]


Inside the box were the following bottles:


–  Voli Vodka

–  4 shot bottles and 1 big bottle of  Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

–  1 shot bottle of Templeton Rye

–  2 shot botttles of Crytal Head Vodka

– 1 Rum Diplomatico Anejo


The Voli Vodka was great; smooth and soft. The wifey really liked this one too. It is now on my list of all time favorite vodkas.

The Templeton Rye went down dry and smooth. I don’t believe I have ever had rye whiskey before, but I must say I sort of prefer

it to the more fuller tasting bourbon. Not that I did not enjoy the Four Roses Bourbon, I enjoyed it quite nicely. Especially later in the

day when I just wanted to take that edge off and relax some.


Now to that cool freakin’ bottle, ‘Crystal Head Vodka’. It was a light vodka, only had one of the two small bottles, so I didn’t get a

huge sample of it, but it went down nice.  I kept the other bottle unopened. It was so cool looking, that now I have it on my desk.

Saving it for when of them days.


I am not a huge rum fan, but I did have a couple of shots of the Diplomatico Anejo.  One of my buddies enjoys rum, so I took the bottle over to his house. We hit the the bottle up a bit on a Friday night. And I must say I don’t remember much after that.


Gift #2

Next up was the Gillette Fusion Razor. And this thing was ‘Bad Ass’. It is almost like a piece of machinery.




The razor swivels around the contour of your face. Check out a video demo here.

And the shave was tight and on point. No little nicks or anything, thanks to the

five blades and sturdy construction of the razor body. I’ve only used it a couple

times, and it still feels like new.


Gift #3

This one was one of my favorites, because it included a pair of zombie socks.


Actually they were 2 pairs of K. Bell Socks.


Fathers Day, Gift, Zombie, Robot


The other pair was pretty cool too. Since I am a pretty big fan of robots as well.

So much so I incorporated one into my design business logo.



[Shameless plug]


The socks were pretty comfy though, being that I do not usually wear dress

socks. I don’t like the way my foot feels in the shoe, when I’m wearing dress

socks. These felt different. They weren’t thin like normal dress socks. They were a

little thicker, and my heels are very grateful for it.


Gift #4

This one was a bit of a surprise for me, since I don’t really ever use jewelry. It

was a silver ring from Bijouxx Ring.


Fathers Day, Gift, Ring


I’ve worn it only a couple of time. When I wanted to ‘bling it out’ on a couple of

occasions. It matched my watch, which I wear when I get semi-dressed up. And I

received a few compliments on the ring when I was out doing my ‘thang’.


Gift #5

This one was the most fancy, sh-mancy one of them all. I was a set of Tani

Underwear and Shirt. These things are made of Swiss Cotton, which only 3% of

the world’s cotton crop meet their standards. I never had a set of $200

underwear before, quite frankly I didn’t even know that such a thing existed,

but I must say ‘Papa Like’. These bad boys are super soft and super smooth. And

when the wifey saw me in them, well shall I say ‘Bom Chicka Wah Wah’. These thing are

cool and a must for the supremely sophisticated, super fresh, ultra cool gentleman, which I aspire to

be… But seriously, Swiss Cotton is the ‘Bomb Diggy, Yo’.



All in all it was an awesome Fathers Day, made even more special by spending in with my 2 kids and

The Wifey and former St. Johns Basketball coach Mike Jarvis, with whom we had breakfast with at our church.




Thanks again babe for getting all that killer swag.





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