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Black History Month is a time to celebrate freedom and the differences in individuals. There are moments of bravery to celebrate all year, however, during February we acknowledge the strength of great thinkers who inspired change in America. For me, those leaders cross the racial divide. It is not about being black or white. Leaders that include Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, have taught us that the freedom of speech, the freedom to love, and the freedom to be you is a right, and it is a beautiful thing that we are able to share these freedoms with one another.


The power of communication is part of these freedoms today; everyone can give their thoughts and words to the world through technology. The younger generation can especially benefit from conveying their opinions and thoughts on a global scale. They can connect and share information with each other and change the world. Connecting on a global scale encourages a young mind to explore different cultures and perspectives. I’ve met so many intelligent children who are interested in exploring possibilities and benefit from working together. No one has time for racial discrimination.


These great leaders, as well as my own mother, have inspired me and molded my life. I’ve been taught that my words have power, and that if I believe in myself and my abilities, I can inspire others to believe in themselves. The great leaders I mentioned inspire me to use my words as tools to improve the world. There’s never a time to stop learning, because there’s never time to stop dreaming or striving to achieve lifelong goals. The secret is to respect yourself, embrace the person you are, and be proud! Many legends before believed in a future with endless opportunities, so they fought for us, in order to build a tomorrow.

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