Our Night At WWE RAW

This past Monday we were invited by the WWE to attend RAW in Miami.


The WWE provided us with tickets to that night’s show as well  a backstage tour.

Needless to say it was pretty freakin’ cool.




We met some of the WWE wrestlers, who were very cool and welcoming.

The Big Show was my kids favorite, although they refer to him as

“The Big Teddy Bear”




As a big fan of wrestling as a kid, I was a bit awestruck by the whole experience.

Seeing the wrestlers coming and going, rehearsing for the show and viewing

the whole process was pretty amazing.




We were allowed to take pictures of everything, but we could only share the ones

of ourselves with the wrestlers. I really would’ve like to have shared the one of

us inside ‘The Authority’s’ office. Or the one of Kane walking through the hallway

mean grillin’ everyone. He looked too pissed for me to ask him for a pic.


For me as an ‘Old School’ fan it was nice to see some the past stars working with

and helping out the newer stars. Like Arn Anderson of ‘The Four Horsemen’ was

busy working with a group of younger stars. And Dean Malenko of ECW, was part

of the production team as well.





We were  allowed to walk up to “Gorilla” which is what they refer to

the entrance to the ring. It was named that after the late WWE Hall

of Famer , Gorilla Monsoon.


It takes around 200 traveling crew members, not including wrestlers

to put on each show. They also hire local crew members in each city to

help with production. From makeup artist to wardrobe, catering, writers,

pyro, merchandising  and many more to put on the great shows that

the WWE produces.


That evening’s show was very entertaining and at the end we were in

for a great surprise, as it was announced that

Brock Lesnar was going to face John Cena at SummerSlam.





I’d like to thank the WWE for providing my family with an unforgettable night.





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